Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 29: Death Grip {Series}

It's Leap Year!  How are you celebrating?

We Palmers are celebrating with our newfound strength.  Well, rather, the smallest Palmer is exhibiting her muscles and grasping.

Within the last two days she has:
1)  Pulled down the shower curtain before her bath (that could've been really bad if it hadn't gotten stuck and had crashed down on our heads...)
2)  Yanked off a plastic flower from her hanging stroller toy
3)  Put a sweet red mark on her daddy's arm from her powerful grip
4)  Pulled out tons and tons of her ma's hair

Girl has got it goin' ON.  She's our little mini Hulk ;)

You've gotta's too funny!

And, of course, she just has to charm us with that precious smile while yanking out hair after hair!

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  1. I love it! She is a strong girl and she is going to make ya'll know it! Tell Elise that her daddy pulled quite a bit of my hair growing up, so go ahead and let him experience it for awhile! Love ya'll!


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