Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11: Get In My Belly

One thing Jas and I love is....Mexican food.

We do, we really do.  And we've missed it here in Slovakia.  You see, there just aren't any bona fide Mexican/Hispanic/Spanish restaurants to speak of here in Bratislava (at least that we're aware of to date...)

However, there is one place called Taco Rey that sales one meannnn burrito.

So that just meant that while we were at one of the local malls with our friends P & K we snagged one (each! we're not sharing that amazingness!) to bring home.

And because we just don't get good Hispanic cuisine around these parts, it needed to be documented.

So here ya up close shot of amazing yumminess...

Now would someone PLEASE go to Las Palmas (or any other good Mexican restaurant) and eat something delicious for us!?!?!


  1. Don't worry, we have taken care of eating at Las Palmas for you...yum!

  2. There's hardly any in Hawaii either... and the ones that exist are SO expensive :-( For that reason, we eat tacos or burritos at least once a week!


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