Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 3: Frozen! {Series}

I couldn't choose just here ya go, a series for today.

That's right!  That's the lake there I'm standing on.  Crazy, huh?  Can you tell I got a little scared to go out too far? (gotta learn how to work these frozen lakes!)

Ice skating and hockey.

These guys still have their little niche among the frozen-ness.

And that guy is king of the lake!

It was a really neat experience, this whole frozen lake thing, but let me tell you....IT. WAS. COLD.

Even my warmest gloves didn't ward off the cold (but I am a pansy in the cold...I'm just a little jealous of my friends living in warm Hawaii ;)


  1. I am so jealous. I want snow and ice.

    Love you all!


  2. So yesterday while running some errands, we came across an indoor ice skating rink. Apparently there are some Hawaiians who miss the cold and ice. Not us. You should come sooner - yea!! ;-)


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