Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 16: Sick in a Blizzard

Blizzard.  That's what we North Carolinians call this.  TONS of snow.  Ok, it may not really be a blizzard...but it seriously is about the third or fourth time it has poured down snow today alone.  It's intense, I tell ya.

And speaking of weather, we're all feeling a bit under the weather today (some kind of small least we think that's what it may be...has found its way into our home).  There's a pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner cooking on the stove and currently the other 2/3 of my family is napping and I plan to join them.

...ah, now to relax on that sunny, warm beach in my dreams :)


  1. Make some snow cream or better yet hop on a plane and come see me. 80 degrees today. Can you tell I miss you ABAAPAAHATN!!!!!!!;0)

  2. My back is peeling from getting burnt the other day doing yard work! Even my boys have come in a couple times this week from playing outside briefly to tell me, "we can't play's too hot." enjoy the soup and snuggles that come with the chilly weather!


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