Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 21: Make My Heart Smile

Ok, if we're being honest, this photo is technically from yesterday.

I DID take a photo today (a few actually), but I just couldn't bring myself to post any of them but this one today...

I look at that pic and I feel overwhelmingly blessed...and so thankful.  I don't deserve either of them.  Now don't get me wrong, they're both sinners just like yours truly...but I look at them and my heart melts.  Undeserving. Thankful.

(Sidenote:  they're also both stinkers...literally...I think she gets that from him anyway ;)


  1. Beautiful!! Great picture! Love all of you! (And I know what you mean about them being stinkers...I won't mention any names but the third one lives with me...)

  2. OMG, precious!! I love that look Elise has on her face :) She has the cutest expressions!

  3. What a precious picture of Elise and Jason! Charity, as always, you are precious, too! Elise's little expression is priceless...We love each of you...

  4. so precious! Her little face.....LOVE!


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