Monday, April 2, 2012

Bathing Beauty

Elise is really getting in to taking baths.  She has started playing with the shower head and water stream and she never cries.  We've given her a toy or two and she seems to enjoy those, too.

I hadn't taken any tub photos in a good while and bathtime is a mandatory photo op for moms, right?!

Let me introduce you to our lil bathing beauty...

Got that arm out and all...relaxin' like it's her job.  (I guess it kind of is her cute, eat, sleep, take baths, you get the picture, right?)

That is just one cute octopus-toting tot right there. :)


  1. She's so cute! My favorite is the toes pushed straight out to the edge of the tub. Immanuelle does the same thing. Little ballerina? :)


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