Friday, April 27, 2012

Suitin' Up...

A few days ago Elise and I both had the chance to give our new bathing suits a whirl.  I recently purchased a new post-pregnancy suit and E had gotten one in the mail from my mom.

My friend Boba asked if we'd like to join her and some friends for an indoor pool session, so of course, we said YES!

While I was wrangling all the goods you need to take an infant to the pool (no easy task), Jas took a few pics of this bathing beauty...

Not sure which is cuter...that polka dotted bathing suit on her, or those tiny baby muscles.

And lest you think she is all smiles...this should prove you wrong. She's got the serious model look down too.

Then we and our pasty white selves headed to the pool ;)

E generally loves the bath and water, so I wasn't too afraid that she would hate it.  The first ten minutes she had a death grip on my arm and was looking around, taking everything in, and whimpered occasionally, but then she warmed up to it and seemed to like being in the water.

Boba, Filip, Elise and I.

Love those baby cheeks.  And see, pasty, I told ya.

And then we (Boba...these three photos I stole from her!) snapped a shot of the whole gang.

It was big fun and I'm already ready to go back.  Hoping our girl will continue to love the water because her dad has big plans of playtime in the pool come summer :)


  1. Two, beautiful, big blue-eyed, bathing beauties in polka dots...I know Daddy would agree..We love each of you very much.

  2. Fun! We are starting swimming lessons (with the boys) next week! Baby girl bathing suits are too cute!!!

  3. love her itty bitty red polka dot tankini :) glad she enjoyed swimming in the pool like y'all hoped!!

  4. i love the red suit...i'm a big fan of not-pink for girls =)! looks like a fun outing!


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