Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrifty Goodness

Ok, I have to make a confession.

I've lied here on this blog before.  You see, previously, I've mentioned that thrifting here in Bratislava is not good.  Well, what I didn't know then is what I do know now.  I, along with my husband's help, have figured out the thrift shops here....finally.

Actually, the thrift stores are quite smart.  They set aside a certain week each month where they start to purge their current collection for a newer incoming collection.  During this week all items (just clothing...they don't have housing items or anything else) get marked down.  One day everything in the store is 3 euros, then the next day 2,50 euros, the next 2, and so on.  It's smart on their part because they get rid of a lot of their merchandise that way and weed out what is not wanted.

All that to say, if you go on the days when it's a little more "expensive," you can find some good stuff for what I would still consider a good price (it's pretty picked over by the time it gets down to 0,50 euro cent).

For instance, lately I've been on the 2,50 and 2 euro days and found some great things!

This day I got 6 pieces (a dress, two shirts, and three baby outfits) for 11,75 euro (~ $15 US).  Not my best bargain ever, but certainly worth it for what I got!

And no worries, I'm not planning to keep it all for myself...I have some thrifty friends who may appreciate a good bargain or two ;)

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