Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nora's Birth Story

It would seem that, after being pregnant twice, my babies are quite comfy in the womb.  I have to admit this is rather frustrating when you just want to meet that little bundle!

So was the case with our Nora.  She was a week "late" (even though there were discrepancies with her due date).  So it was decided that seven days past theoretical due date we would attempt to induce.  And attempt we did.  With no success, that is.

We went in at 7 am on Tuesday morning and they immediately checked me out and got started right away with the first induction.  I think we went in to it all thinking it would be somewhat similar to what happened when they induced Elise (aka, they put in the tablet and thirty minutes later contractions had started and we were on our way to meeting our first baby!).  Alas, we were fooled.  Hours passed and nothing happened.  We walked and walked, did stairs, etc.  Still nothing.  Early afternoon they tried again since enough time had passed, and again we waited.  By this point I was starting to get frustrated and Jas was starting to go stir crazy, ha!  I mean, you can only play Bejeweled and Boggle so many times, ya know?

Afternoon rolled in to evening and before we knew it they were going to keep me overnight just to see if anything happened, but they sent Jas on home.  I had plenty of time that evening to spend time with the Lord, pray about my attitude, and read His word all while confessing how frustrated I was and how ready I was to meet our little girl!

I eventually fell asleep, but was awakened by some pain in my abdomen.  I thought surely I was making it up, these COULDN'T be contractions, could they?!  So I waited awhile before calling in the nurse.  I tried to fall back asleep, but it was becoming enough uncomfortable that I decided to start timing them.  Sure enough, these early contractions were coming every 3 to 4 minutes apart and I was starting to think I wasn't making it up!  At about half past midnight I decided it was time to call the nurse.

The nurse took me to the midwife and she then hooked me up to check out the contractions.  Sure enough, they were happening and it wasn't going to be too much longer before we could meet our Nora!  Only problem was, Jas was at home fast asleep.  Eva, our awesome midwife, ran and got my phone and I quickly phoned Jas.  He was startled, but rushed on over (nearly wrecking in a slippery puddle on the way...urgh).

Things progressed fairly quickly and this time around I felt much more prepared to focus on breathing techniques (with Elise I just screamed a lot, haha).  Jas was such a HUGE help and encouraged me through the whole thing this time...I think it's safe to say he was more prepared for what was coming this time around also.  Finally, Eva moved me from the tub to the bed and it was time to do the hardest work.  Five and a half hours later at 5:56 am on Wednesday morning our Nora arrived and we were both relieved and overjoyed.

I'm sure whatever they gave me for induction helped get things going, but because it was some twelve hours between the last try at induction and when she came, I would like to think that that's just when God decided to bring Nora in to the natural and on her own timing.  It's true that I'm not a patient person and Jas always says that when we pray for patience for me, God answers.  It's true...he answers by making me wait :)

And I just have to say...lil N was certainly worth the wait.


  1. Aww! Good story! (and you still make me jealous) You are a pro! So no epidural again this time??? You are the woman!

  2. Enjoyed reading Nora's birth story, and that first black and white picture of her is adorable. Glad she is finally here!

  3. Congratulations! I was curious to know how it went for you this time around since we're awaiting the arrival of our little girl here in Prague. Two weeks to go until the due date although the doctor thinks she will most likely come sooner. Nora is beautiful. Rejoicing with you in the arrival of your healthy little girl!

  4. Preciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Precious! I loved reading her birth story. And girl - you and me with the patience... (and oh how I hate the "wait" answer too)! So glad he worked everything out and little N arrived just when she was supposed to. Love you guys!


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