Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Biggest Girl

We're going to time travel today...back a couple of weeks.  Sound good? :)  While Jason's parents were here, the weather was pretty rotten.  Well, for the first two weeks of their stay at least.  It finally decided to warm up their last week here...thank goodness!

During that time, there were quite a few trips to the lake and our local park.  To say that E was happy about it would be an understatement.  Her Grandpa (Bepaw) is very much in to photography, and I'm oh so glad because he captured these cute ones below (thanks, Bepaw!)...

Since it had finally warmed up they opened our neighborhood ice cream stand, much to Bepaw and Elise's delight (they share a mutual love for a good ice cream cone :)

I love that little ice cream face, so so much...and I love that the only form of ice to be found in that picture above is in edible form (yay spring!).

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  1. These are some of my favorite pictures of her! The lighting is beautiful.


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