Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Durham's Subtle Infatuation

You have to have a keen eye to find these little guys around town...but did you know, Durham has a subtle infatuation with...


I give credit to my husband who is quite observing and first spotted these sneaky, hidden, little guys.

As you drive around town you may look up on a bridge, or a building, and find a gnome just chillin' there looking at you!  Jason has spotted three (or three locations with several gnomes), then we decided it was time to look them up.  And lo and behold, we found a website all about Durham Gnomes!

We just so happen to think this is funny and one of those neat not-found-everywhere kind of things.  Who knew Durham liked gnomes so much!?  Cute...

Here are a few (very distant) shots I got of these gnomes during a gnome-hunting outing Jas and I had...well, we were driving somewhere and Jas remembered we would pass a lot of them, and I had my camera, and well, here ya go!

Gnome 1 above.  He's a little hard to see...but he's there!

A Gnome family...affectionately entitled as brothers.

And blurry gnome number 5.  Aren't these hilarious!?  Go check out the site above and see all the other ones people have spotted.

Now you can start the gnome search yourself!  Let me know if you find anymore :)


  1. Had no idea!! Funny... and odd. Where can I find a lil fella for myself?

  2. all i could think about while i read this was that video about the people thinking they see leprechauns...do you remember that? "could have been a crack head, got ahold of the wrong stuff!"...hilarious. i had no idea about the gnomes, but next time we're in durham, i'm totally going to be looking for them!

  3. Thats awesome! I am probably going to wreck now looking for those little guys.


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