Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pool Pup

We took Bella for a swim the other day...and I must say, the girl LOVES to swim and doggy paddle (haha, get it? ;)  She is actually quite defiant when she is not allowed to be in the water (aka she just jumps in).

But she does make a very cute swimmer!

Trying to learn to get out using the ladder (with a little behind boost, of course)

This guy decided to hang out at the pool too...I can't take credit for this photo, good job D. Palm!

And on a photography note, I am really enjoying pool photos with the blue water as a background.  Three cheers for summer!

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  1. Charity! I know this is a lame way to contact you but I dont know if i have a current phone number for you, OR current email address. Im a terrible friend...but I'd LOVE to talk to you soon, hopefully this gets to you! :) is my email so hopefully i'll hear from you sooooon!
    (and its lauren mixon, ps. but i figured you'd get that through context clues such as my name=my email address.) miss you!


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