Saturday, June 26, 2010


The other day was a normal day at the grocery store.  Yep, I was just walking around looking for the items on my list.  Pesto was next to find and so I went down the aisle for pasta items.

I turned the corner and...

what did I find...

You'll never believe it!!!

(at least I didn't)

There were 7 DAYS (brand) chocolate filled AND vanilla filled croissants!

Now you may be wondering, "What is a 7 DAYS croissant?"
Answer: only the best filled croissants that we have found solely in Slovakia.  We have never seen them here...until now!  Can you imagine my excitement!?

So I bought two vanilla filled ones for Jas (he and chocolate aren't best friends)

And....they were only 79 cents!  Thus, I will be buying more.

I guess maybe they could have been here before, but we've just never seen them.  That's why all the hooplah on our end ;)


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  1. umm im like freaking out right now!! those are my fav!!!!


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