Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Review: Evidence Not Seen

Reading is quite a fun hobby of mine.  I enjoy it.  I learn a lot.  Generally.  So I decided every once in a while I would do a little book review on a recent read.

Take this one for example.  I could hardly find a better place to start.  

Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose is among my most favorite of favorite books.  It's a must read.

Let's start with a summary:  Darlene Deibler was the first woman missionary to Macassar, an island in the East Indies.  She and her newly wed husband pioneered the way for Christ to be shared and for missionaries to come.  They worked their way to the remote island during the late 1930's.  They had already touched many lives pre-World War II when they both found themselves prisoners of war to the Japanese.  Darlene documents the many extremely tough trials she faces during this most trying time in her life.  She lays out her faith and dependence on the Lord.  Even facing death, Darlene writes about her confidence in the Lord and His faithfulness to her, His child.  This books shows God's power and providence as well as provides an example of an awesome Heroine of the faith.

Here's why I loved it:  Conviction.  Plain and simple.  Darlene Deibler Rose was (and is..she's still alive!) a ROCK in her faith.  She trusted the Lord, although not always understanding situations she was in, NO MATTER WHAT.  How powerful her testimony.  How well she knew the Bible.  Her trust and faithfulness to the one who saved her.  These are all things I aspire towards.

Great book, friends, please read it :)  Oh, and you may need some tissues nearby too!

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