Friday, September 24, 2010

Feelin' (a 'lil) Fallish...

This post would probably be more applicable if it weren't 80-90 degrees outside! Ay yi yi, please bring on the cool weather!

I digress....

I was feeling a little fallish yesterday as I was making cookies for the upcoming youth retreat to the mountains!  You see, I LOVE fall!  It's my favorite season (with summer in a close second).

In case you're wondering why I am such a fan of fall, here ya go, a list...
cool weather (not hot, not cold, just COOL!)
scarves (they're fun :)
pumpkin spice lattes
pumpkin spice chai tea
anything pumpkin spice!
pumpkins and pies
fall colors (need I say more!?)
warm drinks to be felt in my hands
sweaters and comfy clothes
Thanksgiving (and the foods that come with it)
great smells (food, outdoors, candles, etc...)
deer hunting (for my other half, of course, he wanted to make sure it was on the list)

And while that list is not exhaustive, it certainly names some of my favorite fall aspects.

If only it would get cooler.  Come on now, I can't enjoy a pumpkin spice chai tea in 90 degree weather!!!  Maybe it will feel more fallish in the mountains this weekend...

Much to look forward to as fall (hopefully) sets in :)


  1. I'm looking forward to all those fall things too -- if only it will get here!!!


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