Friday, October 7, 2011

Elise's Birth Story

So, I've been debating whether or not to post Elise's birth story, but I decided that since this is our little online journal of sorts, and we'd like to look back on it in the future, it's a great place to document it!  So here goes.  (If this isn't your type of post, feel free to tune out, but if you're up for it, grab a pumpkin spice latte in my honor and get comfy ;)

It all started Friday morning when we went into the hospital for a heart rate test.  Elise's heart rate was down and they were concerned, so they asked us to come back Friday night.

We went in Friday night hopeful that her heart rate would be fine.  Well, it was for a while.  Then it decided to go high.  And stay high for some time.  This concerned the doctors that night, so an ultrasound followed.  Everything was fine with the cord blood and placenta, but they weren't super comfortable with the results in finding the main artery that flows to the brain.  This meant they asked us to stay the night and monitor everything (aka multiple heart rate tests and another ultrasound).  We were a little nervous (ok, maybe more than a little) at this point because we were communicating in English and actually some broken Slovak, as well as German and a clear picture of what was going on wasn't coming together for us...

We stayed the night.  Elise's heart rate evened out for the most part, but in the morning the doctor told us that since she was six days late we may want to go ahead and induce (so as to avoid any type of risk further).  It was a go! We were told that induction could take anywhere from a few hours to a couple days and that we might just want to get comfortable.  WELL, needless to say, thirty minutes later I was having full fledged contractions.  We're talking very little break and intense!

Jas walked with me through them as best he could (though there really is not much you can do but just endure those stinkin' birth pains :) and things progressed quickly.  At five centimeters I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it...but thirty minutes passed and I was then at nine centimeters.  Just like that! Sooo fast.

Then it was time for her to make her grand entrance (eight hours from start to finish).  I'll spare all the nitty gritty details, but thankfully God has orchestrated the human body to be able to make it through the pain and the unpleasant-ness and it is SO worth it when that little one comes out crying into the world.

Elise Noelle was born at 4:39 pm on Saturday, September 24th.  She weighed a hefty 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 52 centimeters long.  They placed her in my arms and I'm fairly certain it's a moment I'll never forget.  Completely testifies to the greatness of our Creator.

I did end up with an episiotomy due to the cord being wrapped around her neck, but we are thankful she came and was/is a healthy baby.  She's a blessing.  A true blessing.

And, well, her daddy and I are just a little bit smitten with these tiny details...


  1. You didn't get NEAR gross enough ;) So glad Elise is healthy and that you are labor and delivery queen for reals!

  2. God has His hand on that precious little girl. She is beautiful!

  3. Oh, I love me a good birth story =) So glad everyone is healthy and doing well!


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