Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scrub A Dub Dub

Someone had the privilege of receiving her first bath this past week!

She did surprisingly well, despite a few screams and some bodily function action (Jas received the liquid form on him and I was the happy recipient of the more solid form..ha! Good times.)

Photographers Marianne and Nate were here to help us document this momentous event.  Thanks guys!

Prepped and ready to go.  That belly...oh goodness, I melt.

Duckie tub time. She's a little skeptical at this point.

"Better watch out, dad, I got a fist ready to go for putting me in this tub!"

Great time for team work...

Ah, post-bath calmness.  So fresh and so clean, clean.

What. A. Cutie.  Yes, we're first time parents, we can gush, right? :)

And I'm aware there's been lots of baby on the blog lately...I guess that's what happens when you bring a new little human home and into your lives.  But hey, craft post and some ministry updates coming soon!


  1. Gush so much, girl!!! I plan on gushing in a few months and it will be our 5th time around. Marveling at your newborn never gets old. I love your posts on you guys loving your baby girl!

  2. So cute!! That looks like it was quite the adventure :) And that belly! Oh my! At least she is eating well, haha!

  3. What a cutie!! Love the bath robe too (wink wink) :)

  4. Never apologize for baby Elise posts! Everyone on this side of the world loves them!!

  5. Love all the documentation and photos. I think every post should include Elise so keep 'em coming. She's a big part of the reason I'll stalk you these days...and because you're my friend. ;) Love ya!


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