Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Great Friends

This morning I was feeding Elise and doing some reading and then thought, "I'll check my email."  When I did, I found a surprise waiting...

You see, you may remember this photo shoot that my college roommates/best friends and I did back in January before we all headed different directions.  It looked a little something like this:

Good, good times.
Soooo...when they were all going to be together this weekend, they decided to have another photo shoot seeing as how it's only appropriate and should be made a tradition anytime any of us are together.

Well, I didn't know about it (we did get to all skype and I was thankful for that), but they decided to include me in the photo shoot...

This is a sampling of what I found when I checked my email.

And they even recreated the jumping photo from above!

Love, love, LOVE it. Brought a huge smile to my face in the early morning hours.

And there's nothing like a paper head cut-out of yourself to make you feel like you're there ;)

Friends, THANK you so much for including me.  You guys are great.  Simply great.


  1. LOVE this!!! so thoughtful and sweet :)

  2. Ohhh, as I look at these sweet photos, my mind goes back to such happy memories. I am forever grateful to God for giving Charity such beautiful, Christ-filled friends for a lifetime. It is precious for you to do this for her. I love each of you.

  3. Oh how special!!!! Lovely friends!!


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