Monday, May 7, 2012

A Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments that just kind of stops you in your tracks?  Warms your heart?  Makes you melt a little?

I had one just the other day.

We were enjoying a little time on the balcony and I ran inside to get my camera so I could snap a few pics of this cutie...

(I'm in love with those baby rolls...just sayin')

But before I took the above pictures, I was greeted by the scene below when I returned back to the porch, camera in hand, thankfully.

I couldn't help but stop, snap, and smile.  Heart-warming moment right there.  The two of them together, his arm keeping her from falling, she seeming perfectly calm.  It was something to cherish.

Then she spotted me.

And she gave me a lil grin...

Full heart, right there.

Now if you'll excuse me a moment while I get a lil gushy (as if I haven't been already, right? ;) Feel free to skip over it.
E, you have an awesome daddy.  He's striving to be your earthly protector so that you hopefully will have a stronger understanding of what your Heavenly Father is like.  Your dad loves you.  Just like Christ.  He watches out for his girl(s), even now as you're at such a young age.  He'll be there for you.  You can count on him.  But more importantly, you can count on Christ. Never forget it, E.

Oh, and your dad is a total goofball...but he makes us both laugh :)

And then cranky time ensued and E let us both know she was porch time ended and bath time/bed time ensued.  But it was, indeed, a good moment captured.


  1. Very inspiring - beautiful pictures and words. Thanks for sharing through the lense of your camera - and the sweet words from your heart.

  2. Love the b&w pic of her and daddy! I feel like you'll show that at her rehearsal dinner one day ;) (which will be a long way away, don't worry!!!!)


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