Thursday, May 31, 2012

Put a Banner On It

This project has been finished for over a week now and I've been meaning to post it.

Now I'm finally getting to it :)

You see, awhile ago I had pinned a few banner shirts/triangle patterns to my Pinterest DIY board.

This is one I had pinned for inspiration...which can originally be found here.

I really liked that fun banner sweatshirt and wanted to do something similar, but with minimal to no cost in supplies and with my own twist on it.

So I set out to do just that and this is what I came up with...

I started first with an old shirt I had on hand and an ill-fitting Elise onesie (in case the whole project were to flop).

Everything I used I already owned...

Homemade triangle stamp, fabric paints, cardboard (between shirt layers), and sponge brush.  Then I simply just stamped a banner pattern across the shirt/onesie.  Easy Peezy.

Once the triangles were all dry, I decided it needed a little something else, so I set to work adding small polka dots to different triangles on the banner (as seen in the first pic).

They were super fun and easy to make, not to mention I love how they turned out!

So, of course, I made E pose with me on the balcony for a photo shoot (did your mom ever make you match her?  Mine did...and I have a photo to prove it, but WOW, the bangs and glasses I'm sporting in that pic are far too hilariously embarrassing to post ;)

(we both look squinty in that photo, but I love it all the same.  I'll blame mine on those stinkin' allergies that persist and we'll blame Elise's squinty eyes on her adorably cute big grin)

I sure like that onesie more now, even if it still doesn't fit the best.

Haha.  I'm no good at the whole "pose for a picture" thing.  But there ya have it...a banner shirt and onesie.

Now go get your banner on! :)


  1. You are AMAZING!!!! The shirts look great and the pics of you two are adorable.

  2. They are beautiful shirts, Charity! You are so creative! The girls in them are the most beautiful though! These photos remind me of the many outfits that you and I shared alike during your childhood! I will always remember...

  3. wow, charity! i really like this idea and it's "matching" without looking totally matching. You guys look adorable, darling!


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