Friday, June 1, 2012


We had a really fun week...well, minus allergies that is.  If I could write a letter to allergies it would look like this:

Dear allergies,
You make me want to scream.
Go away. NOW.

Not feeling the love,

(I'm not being dramatic...they seriously put a damper on my life.  But life could really be a whole lot worse than having allergies, so I'll just try to focus on that).

I digress.

Here's our week in instagram :)

Twins...wouldn't you agree? :)

We go to spend some times with friends, which included a quick family photo shoot in the hammock.

Meet the "Starbus Coffee" bus.  It's red.  It's double-decker. It used to be a coffee stop...which means it probably smells like coffee still.  Sounds like the Palmer's new home to me :)

Beautiful Slovakia.

Jas was DETERMINED to find a shark's tooth up there (supposedly there are some remaining in these sand dunes...)

Baby face.  Need I say more?

Speaking of baby...the girl now knows how to make a MESS.  She's in to everything!

Tomatoes. Feta. Noodles. Yum and yum.

These are actually from a week ago captured during our day trip to Vienna.  I love the colors.

And my favorite pair giving the swings a go.  E did GREAT.  She doesn't have a cautious bone in her body, I don't think.  Yikes!

Hope your week was GREAT (and allergy-free!) :)

life rearranged


  1. your photos are beautiful, and your baby girl is even beautifuller :) what a cutie. btw, i agree with you about allergies sucking. i never had them until i had a baby, then i guess my whole immune system changed. blah!

  2. 2 shots a week..OUCH!!! Still have the headaches..but life is good. Could be a lot worse, for sure. Sorry you have them. Love your pics. E is really growing and so stinkin cute. WHEN are y'all coming home for a visit. Sure do miss you guys.

  3. What a great family picture!! I hope you start feeling better Charity!


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