Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Ok, ok, wow, this one feels big for some reason.  Maybe it's because my husband so lovingly said to me yesterday, "well, this is her last single digit month!"  SERIOUSLY, husband!?  Don't you know you don't say things like that to a mama?  He's learning, I tell ya (albeit slowly ;)

This month's highlights:

*The girl can EAT.  She's a great eater and will eat almost anything (watermelon, green peas/beans, and bread aren't her favorites, but she'll still down them).  She loves sweet potatoes, most every other fruit, and rice cakes/puffs.
*Elise can now do her mouth like a motor boat, claps her hands, dances to a certain song or two, crawls all over, pulls up on all kinds of things and cruises around, can show us just how big she is by raising her hands, and generally interacts with people well.
*Sleeping is still not her favorite thing in the world.  Lately, the past couple weeks or so, she has gone to bed by 8 pm but wakes at 4 am.  She's hungry and ready to nurse at 4, but will then go back to sleep until around 6 am.  That 4 am time is pretty tough, so hopefully she will soon get in to the practice of sleeping until at least 5/5:30 (or later) in the near future!  Here's hoping, right!?  In napping news, she generally takes about an hour nap in the morning and an hour nap in the afternoon.  See, she's no sleeper, that one ;)
*Still no teeth!
*She's still quite attached to mommy, but she LOVES smiling and laughing for daddy.  Not to mention, being chased by dad is one of her most favorite games...and it makes me laugh quite a lot too! :)
*Lately she's started to be scared of the vacuum and loud noises.  This is totally new.

Of course, this morning we had our normal photo shoot.  How about some outtakes?

Happy NINE months, sweet girl!  We love you!


  1. What kinda girl doesn't like bread?? Or peas, for that matter? Or SLEEP! Haha. She'll learn... ;) I request a video of the motor boat and the dancing, please. :)

  2. Such a sweet girl! Her leg up in the air is gonna be an instant classic in her baby book :) Happy Nine Months!

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