Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's LOVE!

We have my family in town this week...

and we've been doing lots of snuggling (if you consider "lots" a minute or two at a time...ha!)

Jas shot these on the balcony and they make my heart melt.

Today my mom and Elise took a walk around the lake and I hear they had a grand time :)

(pre-walk and E was just minutes before a nap...)

And finally it was nice to have a recent one of the hubs and I (even if it isn't the best photo ever)...

And as I finish this, our little minute snuggler is tearing into a pack of water...better run!


  1. Beautiful pictures-I miss my family!!!!

  2. Love these pictures! So sweet. Hope yall are having fun. Our moms will have to get together once they're both home to swap stories on us. :)


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