Thursday, June 7, 2012

All Time Faves

Just yesterday I was editing some photos.  Then I decided to look through the photos in my "All Time Faves" album.  Randomly and occasionally I will put my favorite photos in this album.

For some reason they just make me smile.  Sometimes it's the color, sometimes it's the memory behind the photos, other times it's just a photo I think is a good one.

So I figured it was only appropriate to put them all together here on the blog, huh?  Ya know, so you can enjoy them with me :)

This is only about half of them...I think I'll do a second installment later on.  Enjoy!

Colorful flowers in Florida

Exploring Bratislava

Ferris wheel at the beach

Gerber daisy from husband

Farmer's Market spiciness

Bratislava Castle at night

Sunshine in the Bahamas

Duke Garden gorgeousness

And I just had to end with this cutest cutie.

Do YOU have a "Favorite Photos" album or folder?

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