Friday, June 29, 2012

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Ok, ya'll, it's about to get all video-ish up in here :)

I realized while I thought we hadn't taken a lot of video of E, that indeed we truly had.  However, instead of using the big camera, probably like we should have, we used our trusty phones and captured the moments at hand (thus the not amazing quality).  And this post was born with me wanting to have these videos all in one place.

And I guess I should just go ahead and warn you, this is going to be one of those complete "full o family fun" posts.  As in, it may not necessarily appeal to the masses, but this post is likely to be a major hit with the grandparents!

So there's your disclaimer ;)

If you so desire to proceed, there is some serious cuteness taking place in these videos.

Feel free to just ignore the doting parent voices you hear below...go ahead and just focus on our adorably cute main character:

(another note:  for some reason some of the videos look like they're going to be sideways, but they shouldn't be...who knows why it's like that?)

First up, our daily means of transportation.  This just goes to show what a ride it can be sometimes...and yes, I really do love that my hubby is that big of a dork.

Now we have her first exposure to grass.  Enthralling, huh? ;)

While my mom and Gma were here El learned to feed herself from this container.  Too cute, I say.

Happy smiles in Starbucks...

And here she is having a blast on the swings.

This next one just might be my most favorite.  She just decided one day (a month or more back) to laugh at anything and everything.  Hilarious!

Finally, this last one I took today.  Normally she dances much more than she does here when we put on her beloved "Shape Song Swingalong," but for whatever reason today she was more interested in pointing at the screen.  Still precious to the mama and daddy heart :)

And now you are sufficiently up to date on all the happenings of our smallest household member!  Way to go if you barreled through all those ;)

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  1. omigosh, she is so stinkin cute in all of these videos!! LOVE! And I was so hoping I was gonna hear the "masladuzanastalka" in the background on the bus ;)


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