Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dinner Date with Grandpa E

Tonight Jas and I took our adopted "Grandpa" Elton out to dinner.  I know you guys are wondering WHERE we took our awesome 91 year old friend.  Drum roll..please...duh, duh, duh, duh...C&H Cafeteria!  And yes, I am one of those "youngins" who really likes C&H.  Jas just likes it alright.  I, on the other hand, happily would go there often (call me strange, I'm ok with it ;)

He's a way cool guy and we're pretty sure he knows EVERYONE in Durham.  After all, he's lived here 91 years!  That's crazy...crazy cool.

Here's a picture we captured with him post-C&H deliciousness:

I think the flash kind of caught him off guard.  He's da bomb!

So what do you guys think about C&H?  Do I have any other fellow old school restaurant fans out there?  I know I'm weird..but hey, it's really hard to beat those amazing fried zucchinis!

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  1. J & S Cafeteria in Asheville is where mama and daddy drug me and my brother whenever we went there for a "night out on the town." I always got the fried flounder, mac and cheese, collards, and lots of sweet tea


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