Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day and Scones

Today was the perfect day for trying out the scone recipe I've been wanting to attempt.  I found the recipe HERE and in preparation for this snowy weekend, went out and bought the ingredients I was missing.

The recipe calls for sultanas, which are golden raisins, but I just am not a fan of raisins of any sort, so I made PINEAPPLE scones...yummm.  I just bought dried pineapple and chopped that up to put in my scones for added sweetness.  They turned out great!

Dough and egg wash
And the finished product.  Yes, they are small..I should have made them bigger.  And some of them are odd shaped.  But hey, they were still yummy!

Then after a breakfast of scones, we let Bella out to play in the snow...then we joined her.  Bella LOVES the snow and could stay in it all day if we let her. 
"Do I really HAVE to go in?"

And this is how we spent the rest of our afternoon.  Tea by the fire and good books, followed by naps :)  Ahh...snow days!


  1. The scones look delicious. Were they difficult? I'm a novice in the kitchen...but getting better. We are also having a lazy, cozy weekend and it's fabulous!

  2. Your scones DO look delicious, but you know what place has good scones-The TEA ROOM, which is HERE in WAKE FOREST which means you should come HERE so you can eat another good scone, and you could see me too. :)


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