Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I gotta feeling...

And it's a great one.

Have you ever just found an old cd in your car, like months (or years!) later?  You know, that cd that you put away because you listened to it FAR too much and you wore out (as in listened to them over and over) all the songs on the cd.

Then you pop it in and you hear all those great jams again...that you just used to love so much...

I just did that and it was a great feeling!  Kinda like when you put new sheets on your bed, or when you just finish eating that PERFECT stack of pancakes...

Have you guys ever had a great feeling like that?


  1. After eating the perfect stack of pancakes, I am STUFFED!!! But I can relate to the feeling of clean sheets on the bed... ahhh :)

  2. I JUST put clean sheets on my bed! Is it strange that I feel like I sleep better in a clean bed? :) LOVE IT! I also love the old CD feeling!


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