Sunday, January 3, 2010

Have your cake and eat it too!?

So it's a well known tradition that you're supposed to eat your wedding cake on your one year anniversary.  Follow me for a second... Let me set the stage.

Jason:  filing papers away for the new year
Me:  cleaning out some old papers/cards

Randomly..and out of the blue...

Me: We forgot to eat our cake on our anniversary!
Jason:  Let's eat it!!

Well, better late than never, right?  Haha.  One of those things we'll look back on and remember, I guess :)


  1. Haha - better late than never is right! Ours is still missing in the Blalock's freezer somewhere. We'll probably have to eat ours on our 5 year anniversary!!

  2. WELLLLL, how'd it taste?!?


  3. It was GREAT..I was kinda skeptical and surprised it was..but yum :) Don't forget to eat yours, Er!

  4. haha - we didn't get to eat ours on our anniversary either - due to poor planning, it was in raleigh and we were in boone. do you think many people share their anniversary cake with their inlaws? 'cause we did... : )


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