Monday, January 25, 2010

Latest obsession...

The past couple of months Jason and I have been obsessed with tea. And by obsessed I mean I even went so far as to order tea online at Crazy, I know! But we love it...

My favorite is the Spiced Apple from Twinings (it may be seasonal), but Jason and I both are a fan of Tazo 's Red Apple tea as well. Just add a little honey and a small packet of Splenda and you are good to go. And, did you know, local honey (like that found at Whole Foods) is supposedly good for your allergies? I will let you know at the end of April if that is really true. Let's hope so! :)

So in keeping with Project 365 and trying to take a picture a day, I attempted to capture our recent obsession (now if I could only understand shutter and aperture better..urgh).

That's our tea jar, filled with our favorites: Cranberry Green, Peach, Herbal Unwind, Spiced Apple, and Red Apple.  Oh yum...go grab a cup of tea ;)

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