Sunday, October 24, 2010

CA, we're on our way!

Tomorrow morning we fly out to CALIFORNIA.  We are headed that way to share at the California State Baptist Convention.

This is a first for us, so we can mark it down under the "new experiences" category.  First time speaking at a conference.  First time preparing a mini testimony to share.  First time going to California (for me, anyway).  Seems like there are lots of these firsts lately.  And we're realizing we have so much to learn! Seriously.

And just for your visual pleasure, a map for demonstrating where we'll be (I was once a school teacher, ya know...maps make me happy)...

Fresno, Calfornia, that is.  Well, technically a little town close to it.

Be back Wednesday, and hopefully with some California pictures in tow :)  Have a great few days!

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