Monday, October 18, 2010

A Fair Time

One of the things that symbolizes fall to me here in North Carolina (and I guess the states in general) is the STATE FAIR.  So Saturday afternoon we picked up our Slovak friend, Mia, and headed to the fair grounds.  We met up with Ben and Tera and hit some exhibits.  And you know we did not spare on the grease--we filled up on all the calorie-rich fatty food goodness.  Hey, it's our last time at the fair for a good couple of years, don't judge ;)

And you know we kept a tally of who had what (it's a fair tradition), so here goes:

Jas--steak sandwhich, cheese fries, cheesecake, fried mac and cheese

Char--hot dog, fried cookie dough, popcorn, honey stick

Mia--may not like it if I shared her menu, so we'll just say she did have her FIRST fried candy bar (oh, and below you will see her with a caramel apple)

Now for some pictures,

That's a wrap-up...what a good, greasy time :)

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  1. What a great post!!! Now I can't wait to get to the fair on Friday with my out-of-town relatives!! :-D


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