Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkins...How Ghoul!

The night before we left for California, we headed over to the Neufangs to carve some pumpkins and get our annual dose of Halloween movies (a la Charlie Brown style).

I had seen lots of pumpkins in magazines this year with their skins shaved/etched.  So Jas and I decided to go non-traditional and etch our pumpkin instead of carve it.  Let's just say it wasn't an easy process, but the end result wasn't bad.  Not exactly as great as I had envisioned, but hey, it worked nonetheless.  Success!

(Not the greatest pics--but I present to you pumpkin pics):

Marianne and Nate decided to carve their punkins.  They went detailed!  M-anne opted for a witch dropping a salamander into boiling water, and Nate, well, he went with Spongebob.  (side note:  M and N are avid Spongebob watchers)

Pretty impressive, huh?  It was fun!  Next year we'll just have to have a skype pumpkin-carving date :)

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