Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Headband Cuties

Between traveling, studying Slovak, running necessary errands, going through things to get rid of, preparing for upcoming events/travels, and other such things, I have had some time on my hands...time for CRAFTING!

So I decided since I now have short hair, a headband might help add a little spice of cuteness.

I just wrapped, glued, and added a touch of detail...

These were my best friends for this project:

Mighty Mendit replaced my glue gun since it went missing in action somewhere in the transition of moving...

I bought simple, cheap headbands, took $1 Target ribbon and wrapped all the way around gluing as I went, then embellished.

The ones below I made for some sweet little girls at church...

And these below I made for me :)

I'm digging the color (as usual!)

Colorful and on the cheap.  Right up my alley :)

And check out the other great projects going on over at...


  1. Aww, those are adorable! What a neat idea :) I love your craftiness.

  2. They are so cute! What a wonderful idea! We had your empanadas this week for dinner. YUM! Sophie LOVED them....she ate 2 whole ones herself! Keep the recipes (and craft ideas) coming! Can you do coffee this coming week?

  3. These are adorable. What a fun project!

  4. Cute Char, but I wish I could see what they look like on YOU. I've tried to sport a headband but either they don't work on me or I just can't get used to it, haha.


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