Tuesday, April 19, 2011

18 weeks!

Well, hey there, belly...

This weekend we also ushered in our baby's 18th week of life!

18th week highlights:
*I have begun to feel the baby move!  At a cultural dance performance the other night, the little thing was groovin' to the music (or so it seemed to me)
*Nausea is far less common, though not gone altogether
*I have an appetite back!  Food is pleasurable these days...which is a good thing.

18th week aches and pains:
*Sleeping is getting more difficult.  I wake up with sore hips every morning...interesting.
*I am constantly hungry and while it's also a good thing, it can make trips, traveling, etc. difficult.
*itchy skin/headaches

We are thankful for this little one.  Thanks for the prayers for baby and us...they're very much appreciated :)


  1. So cute!! I love your baby bump. How cool is that to feel the baby move? I bet it's awesome.

  2. Yay! Baby kicks! I really felt the first good ones yesterday too (but it's my 2nd you feel 'em a bit sooner). And your belly is too cute! I know you have a good idea of what baby is, but I'm still guessing girl (esp because nausea is still hanging around) but yay if it's boy too!
    Sorry about the hip pain! You can do it! And the fun really starts when it feels like baby is playing guitar with your spinal cord. :) Yay for baby Palmer!

  3. Just reading through all of your daily experiences makes me smile.....so glad technology allows us to keep up with you guys! Hugz to the Holloways.

    I chatted with your mom-Charity-the other night on FB..began the convo with 'HEY GRANDMA'...

    Kenz and Kyle were home this weekend...a blessing...she is preparing for Africa....just know it will be a great experience......be prayin.

    And Jason..I am saving my $$ to go to Haiti next year......FINALLY!!!

    Love you both so very much

    Renea :)


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