Monday, April 11, 2011

PHONE shots

I've never had a high tech phone.  Until recently.  So, I finally figured out how to download the photos from it!

I've taken shots with it at random times throughout the last two weeks of being in Slovakia (and I'm completely diggin' the camera features it has!)

Here are some highlights.

Just minutes before we boarded the plane for Germany.

The outfitter of our flat.

This would be a Kebab.  From Happy Kebab.  And it's just that...happy.

A visit to the train station.

And our kicks.  Just because.

How about you? Is the camera on your phone getting any photo-taking action? :)


  1. haha! so funny that you just posted a bunch of pics from your phone bc I just did my whole post in phone pics too :) great minds think alike my friend!

  2. Yes, we do have pics on our phones... but I'm too busy thinking about kebabs now to do anything about it!

  3. I like that train pic!

  4. mmmm I miss kebabs!! Have one for me! And, as always, I love the pics!


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