Monday, April 4, 2011

Now for a PICTURE update...

Guess what!?!?!  We have internet!  And that means I can update with some pictures :)

Here's a random smattering of pictures from the past week.  There are many more to come (it takes a little while to download pics here...and that's at a lower quality too)...

View from our terrace.  It might just be my favorite part of our flat!

And a view to the right.

Now on to the nabytok (furniture...YAY for Slovak vocab :)

This is how it started...

And this is how it ended...

Didn't my hubby do a fabulous job putting together our couch-in-a-box?  And on a random side note, believe it or not, that's me in my first pair of maternity pants (the baby is now 16 weeks old)!

And don't be fooled by the face below, folks, he didn't stop at the couch.  He also put together our bed, two bedside tables, two organizers, and a media chest.  He's been rockin' it.

And while he has been doing all that I've been doing other things.  Namely, laundry (only 3 pairs of Jason's pants fit in the washer!), washing dishes, putting things aways, vacuuming (with our sweet European vacuum), and other such "organizational" details.

(and we also need to throw a shout out to our team...we couldn't have made it through the past week without them!)

Other than filling our nest, we've been at it in the language department.  We have a super sweet Slovak tutor and we are also attending a Slovak class.  In addition, we both have Slovak conversational partners...yes!!!  We have officially begun the learning process.

That's all for now...this took longer than imagined and I have a date with the bus system tonight.  I'm just really not very blessed in the directions department, ya know?



  1. Awww....Charity you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! So does the flat!!! So glad ya'll are getting settled. Wish I were there to help :) but so happy you have the Holloways!

  2. a beautiful view!! so european looking and all :) i don't see any laundry though?
    you're not bad with directions....
    haha :)

  3. Ava said "that looks like a fun, fun place" when she saw the picture of your view.
    I love the couch...but more importantly, I agree with Kim, Charity you look BEAUTIFUL! You do "Mommy" well!

  4. We are just weeks away from our IKEA furniture-thon. Though with 2 kids we have more beds and bedside tables and wardrobes and all :) LOVE the view from your flat! Looks like a bright pretty spring day out the window. Can't wait to see more pictures (complete room views coming right?) And yay for maternity pants! I start the 2nd trimester this week so may finally break mine out...2nd pregnancy they get put on sooner! Also, I think you're having a girl. Just a guess and I'm at least 50% correct.

  5. Yay, I love the red couch! (And very impressed that it came in a box! lol). Your new place looks so fun, I can't wait to see it in a few months :) Love you friend!


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