Thursday, April 7, 2011

And it's a...

Today we went to our first Slovak baby check up (doc appt.).  It was a lot of things...


We are so thankful.  The baby is healthy and well!  Overall the experience was largely comparable to America, but I thought, even simpler (well, minus one part). And I liked that.

The doctor was very kind, seemed understanding, and did her best to communicate with us.  Though I have to say, what would have been a four hour visit for Jas and I, ended up being only a two hour visit thanks to Sonya who helped us greatly! MUST. LEARN. LANGUAGE.

Ok, now here's the biggest cultural difference, far as I could tell.  I had to have an EKG (heart test).  Now from what I know, back in the states, this is not something we do for pregnancies??  But here, it's law.  They took me in to a room, hooked up my arms and ankles, and put some sticky nodes on me (we're talking odd-looking navy circular things...not those stick-to-the-skin kind).  I was fairly nervous that at any moment they were going to send a shock of electricity through me and I was going to Frankenstein-ize, but nie, alas, all they did was get my heart beat.  I received a print out of it and was sent on my merry way.  Nothing to sweat about ;)

And yes, we did find out the baby's gender! However, cruel as it may be, we are going to wait and share since the doctor was just MOSTLY sure, not positive (though I'm not sure they are ever 100% positive...I've heard stories).  But after our next appointment, we will be excited to share!

So keep tuning in ;)  In the meantime, I'll leave you with this gender non-specific photo...


How about a picture of the mama...

And the dad...

(He looks thrilled, right?  He lugged the above all over town, through malls and intersections, and on the bus...haha, what an American ;)


  1. That has got to be the cutest picture of my grandbaby I have ever seen! I think he/she is smiling knowing what wonderful parents he/she has!
    We love you all very much,
    Grandmommy and Granddaddy

  2. Little Palmer looks like he/she is content to keep his/her gender secret to his/herself! Love the belly picture! Looks like mine right now (wish I could reverse this...with my first I wanted to show quickly and didn't so much, this time around I have no interest in having a belly and it won't quit coming!)
    Our doc gave us a preliminary gender-tell too, but we're not saying anything either. Want to make sure we have a clear shot of him/her before people start buying pink or blue!
    And yay for a rug! Can't wait to see it in the apartment and see little Palmer crawling and drooling on it!

  3. considering which way that baby is posed, I'm sure a more positive identification could have been made! Oh well, I guess we can wait! Regardless, that relaxed poses makes me think this baby will take after Jason a little bit! Love you guys!

  4. I CAN'T BELIEVE YALL ARE PREGNANT!!! well, i can believe it. but still!!!!! congrats!!!!!!! I gave up facebook for lent so I'm just now hearing about this news. I can't wait to meet the little baby!!!!!!! miss yall <3

  5. You look BEAUTIFUL Charity!! Can't wait to find out!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Can't wait until the next post!!

  7. You do look beautiful! I agree with your Mama. Your sweet baby looks precious....he/she looks like they are posing for the camera....ADORABLE!!!! I just love the updates.

  8. So glad the first doc apt. went so well! Can't wait to find out about what baby Palmer will be! And I'm glad that you finally posted a belly pic! :)

  9. I can't believe you'd title this post "It's a..." and not even say! I saw the title and immediately scanned the whole thing just for a big all-caps BOY or GIRL, but nope! Tricky tricky, Char...haha. I'm soooo excited to find out. And you look great with a baby belly! Just like how I imagined. Btw, what an awesome, CLEAR baby photo...that's amazing. Love ya!

  10. Char! Your little belly looks so cute! And that is crazy how much the baby has grown since your first ultrasound picture. It looks like a full baby in there now ;). So excited to hear the "official" gender after your next appointment!


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