Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Flat Tour

How about a more "finished product" view of our flat?

We'll start with what you see when you come in the door to the right.  Red couch, media chest, table and chairs...all put together by Jas (minus three of the chairs...Sonya, Suzi, Tom, and I helped out with those!)

On the table you can barely see it, but there's this pretty "welcome to Slovakia" orchid from our friend Zuzana!  I love it...and I certainly hope I can keep it alive.  Any tips?

Right off the main living area is our kitchen.  And see that cool contraption to the right by the wall?  That's called a kanvica and it just so happens to be one of my favorite kitchen appliances.  It boils water in NO time and can be used for a gazillion things...

Turn down the hall and there you'll find our bedroom.

Can you tell which one of us prefers the tidy bedside table? lol.

There's another (empty) bedroom which will be the baby's room/guest room.  Furniture will be there in time!

And we'll end with a view of the bathroom.

We're thankful for this place...and we so hope to have many Slovaks fill it up!

And a little note about living in an apartment complex.  We've experienced a few neat things...
1) We saw a lady walking her cat.  ON A LEASH!  Interesting? I'd say, but respectful and most definitely the only way for the cat to get some greenage for restroom usage.
2) Our neighbor plays the accordian! And really well.  We are definitely going to meet him.
3) We witnessed a man vacuuming in his undies earlier this week.  That was, well, a sight to say the least.  (If you do that in your home, please refrain from letting us know here on this blog ;)

Today we made a run downtown, found two post offices, hung out with our friend Zuzana, and went to the grocery store...but now it's homework time; our tutor comes tomorrow!


  1. So cute and modern! I like it! Have fun settling in!

  2. it's like your own ugly naked guy from Friends! :)

    the flat looks great! and congrats on the baby!!

  3. What a lovely home!!! It's like watching 'House Hunters International'. You both have done a fabulous job setting up your new home.
    As far as the plant..I was told when they die to just throw it away. They are hard to keep.

  4. I LOVE!!! The flat looks amazing! I bet it'll look even more gorgeous with Charity's sense for art, and the new piece of life coming up soon :D
    I can't wait to come visit you guys! Is there anything in particular I should bring from here? Like a candy you crave or something?
    Only a month leeeeeeft!!!
    PS: I expect you to say the first sentences to me in Slovak when I meet you.

  5. Love it! What a nice apartment! Yay for wood(laminate?) floors and a super nice bathroom! I have zero tips on keeping the orchid alive, but you can get them here for about a dime a dozen so if I kill one, there's always one at the grocery store waiting for me!
    What's it like grocery shopping? Big chain supermarkets or small farmer's markets and individual stores, or a mix of both?

  6. Lu, When the blooms drop off, Put in in a shady place on your patio and in five years it will bloom again!!! I LOVE U ABAAPAAHATN

  7. LOVE the flat! It looks so cute already. And I love Erin's comment about your very own ugly naked guy - I was so thinking that too! haha.

  8. That's a beautiful apartment. In Scotland those electric water heating things are called "electric kettles." In Germany, they are called, "Wasserkochers" (water cookers). I love them and get one in every place I stay, including America now. I can't stand being in a kitchen without one!


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