Saturday, April 30, 2011

Half Way There!

Ohhh, we're half way there, oohh oohh living on a prayer! (sing a long with us...)

This weekend marks 20 weeks, or half way through pregnancy with Baby Palmer 1! 

Not much has changed over the past two weeks...but here's a picture and a few updates.

-This baby is moving a lot and it's one of the neatest feelings out there, I'm convinced.
-We go back to the doctor this week, which means we should have a better idea of what we're having (stay tuned for a post!)

Aches and Pains:
-I often wake up sore after a night's rest...but I imagine that will only get worse the bigger the baby and I get.
-Still no major relief from nausea...but hey, I can handle it if it might mean the baby's growing (who knows!? or maybe I'm just a weird pregnant woman??)

That's about all that's new at this point.  Maybe week 22 update the belly will be getting bigger :)  And in the meantime, while we await the arrival of this little one, we really DO appreciate the prayers!

P.S. - on a completely non-related baby note, there has been some change happening here in Bratislava.  Namely, HOCKEY!!!  The World Ice Hockey Championships are being held right here across the street from us (and in another city in Slovakia).  It's a big deal!  A whole post to come later.


  1. You are more RADIANT than ever!!!

  2. You are looking too cute! And I'm so sorry to hear that the nausea is still sticking around...that is the worst =( Can't wait to hear if our Zoe E will have another Zoe E in the world , ha!


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