Sunday, May 29, 2011

24 weeks!

Today we ring in 24 weeks of life (inside the womb) for our little one!

She's been growing and moving a lot.  She is about the size of an ear of corn this week and is developing more fully her lungs, taste buds, and skin! It's crazy to think about how that is happening inside my body.  Definitely a huge testament to our awesome Creator.

And while the combo of pregnancy and allergies really isn't my favorite, I am so thankful she is growing and that being said, I'll take the nausea any day.  The allergies...well, they can go away ;)

As for her name, we do have one picked out that we are pretty set on.  When we'll share it, well, I'm not sure exactly...maybe sooner than later.   We'll see!


  1. soon! soon! soon!

  2. that was caitlin by the way:) computer is acting weird!

  3. You look beautiful! Hope those allergies go away SOON. Can't wait to find out her name!

  4. I love to watch a belly grow!!! Fun pic!


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