Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Culture Post

WOW!  So finally Blogger got things together!

Here we go...a random post on various cultural things.

**I have an awesome Slovak conversation partner/friend (and so does Jas!).  This week I learned how to say "you stink like fish."  Doesn't everyone need to know that!? :)

**Speaking of language, Jas adds "I had a really rough day of language today" in reference to language class.  Ahhh...Slovak!

**As we were headed out to study the other day we were greeted by two Coca-Cola representatives handing out the tiniest (and yummiest) Cokes for FREE!!  We were stoked.  And I won't say whether or not my husband walked back by them later for a second...

**Speaking of second soft drinks, Jas has been on a soft drink kick this week.  We went to Austria for a chorus concert and there Jas got not one, but TWO Almdudlers (an Austrian soft drink).  His reasoning, "I'm hardly EVER in Austria to get these!"  Oh, my husband.

**While walking through some side streets the other day to an appointment, we stumbled on this quaint street.  I was digging these windows.

Hope everyone had a great week!

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  1. Yay for tiny cokes...and the free-ness of them! And we need more of a description of Almdudlers...sounds like something they'd drink on Harry Potter, not Heidi or Sound of Music. :) We understand though the need to get some. We're hardly ever in Austria too. :)


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