Monday, May 16, 2011

Frisbee in the "Snow"

On Monday nights Jas goes to a frisbee club to hang out and meet other Slovaks (and to develop relationships!).  I often go with him to get to know some of the girls that play and watch :)

Tonight he didn't play in the game because they were already in the middle of a heated one when we arrived, however, we threw frisbee a while with a new Slovak friend.

All the while we were throwing we were getting snowed on!!

Ok, not the for real, cold, icy snow, but POLLEN that resembles snow quite a bit.

The snow pollen as we call it now, is an allergic person's nightmare.

But it makes for lovely pictures!

Now that's some intense snow pollen right there...

Some under the leg action.

Uh huh.  That photo pretty much speaks for itself.

Showing off all the snow accumulated while throwing.

How about that for some frisbee playing in the "snow"?


  1. Too fun! What kind of trees does it come from? That is so strange and neat! Hope there wasn't too much sneezing going on!

  2. Eww that is so gross! It looks like cotton candy it's so thick!! Good thing you guys don't have horrible allergies :)

  3. Okay, so that stuff is the worst stuff in the world for a person with allergies. I have many allergies, but that is the one thing that has affected me the most. And, we had a tree right outside our apartment. It would blow in our window/stick to our screen and we had to vacuum it off! Crazy! Fun pictures!

    I was seriously wondering if you meant snow!!!! I miss SK, but I don't miss the cold!


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