Friday, May 27, 2011

The Dealio

Usually I like staying up to date on this here blog.  But this week, blogging just wasn't supposed to happen.

Here's the dealio.

It's been one of those weeks.  One of those weeks where you feel like you just can't get anywhere or get anything done!

Let me preface this by saying we know we have much to rejoice and praise the Lord over.  We generally don't like whining and complaining, but if we're being honest, we've both felt a bit more whiny this past week.

I'll explain.

1) Jas has been dealing with (for nearly three weeks now) a persistent cyst on his lower back.  I won't go into more detail (he'll appreciate that!), but it's been a literal pain in his, well, back. We've now made quite a few trips to the doctor and have been nursing it at home.  Not to worry, we're confident it'll heal...but it hasn't been too pleasant and it's hindered him from doing normal activities that he enjoys.  But I have a feeling it won't keep him down for much longer :)

2)  I have been enjoying allergies.  Let me rephrase that...I CAN'T STAND ALLERGIES.  Ok, now that that's off my chest, let me proceed.  Runny nose, sneezing constantly, itchy eyes, itchy mouth (seriously!), and itchy ears.  Not fun.  And to go with that I think I've given up all hope of getting rid of pregnancy nausea.  I think I'm one of those women.  You know the kind, the ones who are sick until birth day!  Pleased to meet you, I'm Charity, and I'm an allergic, nauseas pregnant woman ;)  I just keep telling myself it'll all be worth it when we get to see our sweet girl and that allergies will go away...eventually.

In addition this week we have done our fair share of studying Slovak. We've spent many an hour studying words and concepts and then quizzing each other.  We like to make it fun in between sneezes and trips to the doctor!

So, all in all, we'll be happy to usher in a new week next week.  Hopefully one with fewer doctor trips, fewer trips to the bathroom, and fewer tissues involved.

We'll let ya know how it goes ;)


  1. At least your normal! In that there's never nothing to complain about! As long as the thankfulness (verbalized) outnumbers the complaints you'll be fine. And I've heard some women lose the nausea at 6 maybe just as your belly gets REALLY big and you become uncomfortable in every other way physically, the nausea will subside? We can hope! You guys have a name for baby girl? Will you be sharing it?

  2. I'm sorry...nausea and allergies combined would make me VERY cranky, even knowing the blessing that comes in the end =) I am praying for you!

  3. Just hang in there. We're praying for you. I too had allergies and constant nausea. Unfortunately nausea lasted the entire time - lost 15 lbs. - hospitalized for fluids twice but the end result was Tammy!!! Maybe this happens with girls. Best part was I was only in labor 2 hours so in the end it was a piece of cake. Think I prefer the nausea to labor!!! Try lemon drops if you can get them there. Only thing that helped me
    Bonnie Hannah


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