Friday, May 6, 2011

My Man the Chef

The other night Jas had a hankering for something sweet.  There were some apples that needed to be eaten soon, some granola (museli) left, and some packets of cinnamon sugar in the cabinet.

So he set to work making a baked apple granola dessert (I can't even think of what we call this normally!)

Anyway...he created a sugary version of maple syrup (I think it's nonexsistent here, or if it's found here it's costly) with the sugar and poured that over cut apples topped with museli.  He then popped it in the oven for close to thirty minutes and we waited as the heavenly smell overtook the room.

Seriously, it had my mouth watering.

Then we ate it.  And I must say, for a creative, resourceful dessert, it was DELICIOUS.

He's a lil chef in the making (ahem, I mean a manly chef in the making)...

See I told you so!  We almost ate the whole thing before I snapped a pic.

P.S. -- Check back in the next few days for another sweet treat having to do with BABY PALMER :)

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