Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One of Our Favorites

Lately we've really been into VEGGIE PIZZAS.

I found this recipe tucked inside a book the other day and wanted to make it, so I did.  Then I made it again.  And I'm sure I'll make it again really soon.

Oh and did I mention it's super easy and very tasty?

So here ya go...one of our favorites:
VEGGIE PIZZA (at its finest)

You need-
pizza crust (I use the kind you bake first)
Ranch dressing pack
1/2 cup of mayo
8 oz package of cream cheese
any veggies you want (we prefer them finely chopped)

1)  Bake your pizza dough according to package instructions.
2)  Meanwhile, chop all your veggies.

3)  Combine ranch, mayo, and cream cheese.  Mix well.
4) Spread mixture on pizza dough (let it cool first), then sprinkle on your veggies! (I use carrots, broccoli, and yellow pepper, but any will work...radishes, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, etc...)

5) Eat up the colorful yumminess!

What are you waiting for!?!? :)

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  1. I make this using crescent rolls as the crust - very easy. It looks great at Christmas with red peppers and broccoli or anything else red and green.


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