Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Things I Love About Babies

It's true, I've only been a mom (to one baby) for about three months now.  So that really doesn't give me a whole lot of experience, however, I'll call myself qualified enough to have come up with these top 10 things I love about babies (or rather, having a baby).

In no particular order...
1.  The smell.  That sweet baby smell.  Powdery fresh and new smelling (does that even make sense?) until fluids of all sorts exit that little body, but still that baby scent = perfection.

2.  The extremities.  Namely fingers and toes.  Barely visible nails.  So tiny and small.  Oh, preciousness.

3.  The cooing.  Love the funny sounds.  That's all...just adorable.

4.  The button.  The belly button, of course.  Have you ever seen a cuter, smaller button than a baby's?  Nope.

5.  The fuzzy hair.  Fine baby hair, so soft and clean. Love it.

6.  The learning.  New discoveries abound each day as they grow.  Our latest fascination is with the hands (and her newfound thumb!)

7.  The growth.  Seriously they grow SO fast.  You'd think I fed her Miracle Grow overnight! While this is sad too (because it's already going so fast!), I also love it because it's pretty neat to see them grow and learn (see #6).

8.  The eyes.  Those big baby blues (in our case). So sweet.

9.  The relationship(s).  Particularly watching her develop one with her daddy.  She knows his voice, responds to his'll work on the heart, I tell ya.

10.  The quiver lip.  Love me that pouty face.  Though it means a cry is coming, the face beforehand is worth it.  The bottom lip sticks out, starts to quiver, and then the full out cry...plain adorable.

Adorable. Cute. Precious.  Did I use enough of those words in this post? I think so!  But man, babies got it covered.  Especially this one (I guess you could say I'm slightly partial ;)

And for the record, so I don't lose all mom points, I did go find the girl an outfit that fit after this photo shoot (see photo #2)!


  1. Awww...this is precious, sweetie...just like Elise is...I think you would do well as a writer...I have thought this for many years...we love you all.

  2. L.O.V.E and I couldn't agree with your top 10 more!


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