Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Christmas Card!

This year we had a cheery little baby to model for our Christmas card.

So we set to work.  And now it's time to share!

Wishing every one a MERRY CHRISTMAS (we know it's still a few weeks off), but here's a Christmas card from the Palmers...

And a few more outtakes for kicks and giggles...

Have a happy winter-y weekend!


  1. I love it!! She is AHH-DORABLE!! (PS - I wrapped my dog in Christmas lights one year when I was 7, hung ornaments off the lights, and plugged her into the wall. Good to know I can do this again soon with a baby ;) Love u Char!!)

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL Christmas greeting. She's adorable. Merry Christmas!!!


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