Friday, December 23, 2011


We have an awesome Slovak language tutor that we've blogged about before.  Her name is Terezia and she's Slovak through and through.  We pretty much love her.

Recently she came over and brought us some "oblatky."  These oblatky are thin, decorated wafers that are very popular around Christmas time.  They have symbols on them that represent Christ and His birth and resurrection.

Not only did she bring us the wafers, but she also taught us the traditional way of eating them.

Flashing that grin as Terezia prepares the oblatky.

All you do is slice your garlic very thinly, layer it with honey, and then create a wafer sam-ich (which means place another one on top :)

Admittedly the spicy garlic and sweet honey combo was NOT my fav.

However, Jas was a fan...

Can you tell he's really good at that cheesy grin?

I'll give it an A+ for a neat Slovak tradition, and in my personal opinion, I'll give it an F for taste.  However, Jas would strongly disagree and give it two A+'s!

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