Friday, December 16, 2011

Ohhh Surgery...

Man, oh man, these last three months have been medically challenging for us Palmers.  Granted, I am always reminded that these "medical challenges" have been minor in comparison to what they could have been, so in that regard, we're thankful.  But nonetheless, it's been new and different for us to experience three different surgeries (if you include post-birth operations) in three months!

It's been tough, at times, and I've wanted to complain and cry.  And, well, to be honest, I've done both. Ick. I've also been un-Christlike in many ways. I've seen my true, sinful heart come out often. Again, ick. I've also learned a lot during these times.

But, we're making it.  One small scar at a time ;)

Speaking of scars, Jas will have a decent sized one after the removal of his cyst yesterday.  We are certainly glad all was removed and went well. He is now handling the pain like a champ and resting it up.  And while he's handling the pain well, I, on the other hand, am not handling sticking cotton balls one inch deep into his back...eeeeep (I'm a weenie when it comes to blood and such, or rather when it comes to seeing my hubby's tail bone...yikes!)

And, on a lighter, less gory note, I just have to include this lil pre-operation pic of my two favorites.

Ah, another surgery down, and hopefully it'll be awhile before we hit up the hospital again... ;)


  1. haha! Tony had a cyst removed while we were living with them and Bev couldn't handle the cotton balls in the open wound thing either. So guess who got that job? ;) All those hours of the Discovery Health channel finally paid off! Glad Jas is doing well!

  2. Glad to hear the surgery went well!

  3. Whoa! Wife, Mother, Nurse, Nursing Mother... git 'er done! Hope Christmas brings rest and cheer and joy to the Palmer house!


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